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Working two jobs

Working two jobsGet the most out of your day job while waiting to do your side job full time!Lots of female business owners are still working a day job when they’re trying to get their true passion – their side gig – off the ground.You may be waiting impatiently for the day you can write […]

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Smartphone addiction is real

Two years ago, my poor overworked smartphone gave me an obscene gesture and yelled “nooooooo, gimme a rest!”.

Then it died.

Here’s how I fared, and why I’m scared of the slippery slope.

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How to photograph events yet still be present (part 2)

Find out how to navigate the line between being the Party Pest because your phone’s constantly in front of your face, and documenting it just enough so you can look back later and value the memories you’ve caught. And yes, share them on Facebook! (But later. Don’t “post and party”!)

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How to photograph events yet still be present (part 1)

How do we safeguard against turning into “That Person”? The one who experiences events only through the lens of a smartphone and judges it by the likes given on Facebook? How do we walk that line of immortalising the event highlights in photographs yet still be fully there in the moment to enjoy and really experience it? Can it even be done, or have we gone too far?

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