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Worried about your feral beasts? Don’t be.

Don’t put off getting family portraits taken!

The woman in front of me looked aghast. A whiter shade of pale. Incredulity making her eyes bigger than the dinner plates she’d thrown in the dishwasher before rushing out of the house to take the wee guy to football.

“OMG it’s awful! Seriously. You should see him. He won’t sit still for a moment, and if I ask him to smile, he does this crazy Tigger bounce and bares his teeth at me like a rabid dog!

“And every single iPhone photo I have of him is all blurry because he is always hurtling about at 100 mph like a bluebottle on speed – or at best like he’s just necked ten espressos. I’m going to need to wait for at least another five years before I get a decent picture of him, but …

“You know … I really want good photos of him NOW – I’m scared I’ll forget how much these crazy antics make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I’m scared I’ll forget this, and I’ll never see it again, will I?”

She went on to tell me “But you know what, I can’t guarantee my kids won’t act like feral beasts, so I’m putting off getting family portraits done till they’re older”.

“Hold up, lady” I replied. “Stop right there.”

Don't put off getting family portraits taken - little girl looking down and pouting

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