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I know exactly how difficult it is for working families like yours to take the time to appreciate the precious moments so unique to you, so I provide you with beautiful, custom artwork which makes you slow down and smile now, then later becomes heirlooms to hand down, your legacy which connects the generations.

Why we all need family portraits

Family portraits are records of who we all are and are the most precious possessions of many people. We take them because we want to remember always a moment in time, or an event, or a thing, or a person. Can we remember these things without a photograph? Of course. But while we might remember the feeling of a place or a person, we won’t remember details because time chips away at them and the edges blur and fade.

Eventually these things, these people, become indistinct memories, like looking back on a party where you had too many cocktails.

But pick up a picture and you have the details right in front of you, bringing feelings and memories flooding back.

These pictures are what we pass down to our children and their children. Family photographs are how our children’s grandchildren will know us. They’re an investment in your family history and grow in value over time, becoming heirlooms and treasures.

Family photographer Edinburgh - old black and white photo from 1950s of three children standing against vintage car

Some of my family. Who shall remain nameless or they'll disown me!

Print them, hand them down, and let the memory live on. We take photographs of what we're afraid we're going to lose.

And if you don't think they're important, wait till they're all you have left.

About YOU

Your family is the most important thing in the entire world to you, but you work so hard these days, you have so much on, you never really seem to get the time to slow down and appreciate these people who are yours, or really notice them, notice who and what they are.

You hurtle from the day job to the nursery, to the meeting at the school, to the gym … Though actually, who are you kidding, the gym’s probably moved location and tripled its fees since you were last there.

You’ve been putting off getting the family photographed for, well, years.

Your eyes glaze over at the thought of trying to work out what to wear, where to go, how to stand so you look two stone lighter, what print sizes you need, and should that be canvas, aluminium, or vintage oak frames? What to order? Where to put it? All these decisions!

You're not bad at all of this, but ...

You’re not stupid: you run a busy household, you have a responsible job which really Makes a Difference, you help others out often to your own detriment, and you would rather eat live spiders than feed your kids McDonalds.

You have a fabulous day at work and it reminds you of how powerful and capable you are, and you’re proud of yourself. You love your job! And damn it, you’re good at it!

But … You’re just … tired. Aren’t you?

Tired of the to do list that is reaching encyclopaedic lengths, tired of having even more to organise, to sort out.

And so the family photographs get put off, and your children change before your very eyes as the years pass in a blur.

What you'll find here

I absolutely get what it’s like to be oxter-deep in work and family life, precariously balancing both and not quite feeling on top of either.

And I firmly believe that having your photographs taken should never be stressful – EVER. It’s supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable!

It’s supposed to be a pause where you all can get together and just focus on each other.

Make each other laugh and tell each other things that you don’t say every day, while those moments are kept safe for you and there on your walls for everyone to see and be reminded of how much love exists in your home.

I know you’re too tired to plan a photography session and print the photos, but I’ll help you with that – and you don’t usually ask for help, do you?

Why you should let me create your family photographs

Because I understand what your life is like

And I understand the challenges you constantly face – I’ve been there. I know all too well what it’s like. And I can make getting your family photographed easier for you.

Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Donna Green
I want to make it easy

And as well as giving you beautiful images of your family that will warm your soul, I prioritise making the process as easy for you as possible.

Weekend sessions no problem

As you’re busy working during the week, I’m happy to offer you weekend sessions, and I can suggest great outdoors locations for us to go to so you won’t end up with stiff, posed, artificially lit studio images.

Clothing advice

You’ll all want to look your absolute best so I can also advise on what to wear, and because you so greatly value the personal touch and dislike conveyor belt service, I take great care to find out about you and your family so I can give you images you’ll love.

In depth "pre-session consultation"

You won’t just be emailed out a questionnaire before our session like you’d get from so many other photographers – you deserve the time it takes me to speak to you either on the phone or in person beforehand. This way, I can really get to know more about you and your family than a mere electronic form can tell me, and you’ll end up with images which mean so much more to you.

Family portrait photography Edinburgh - headshot of Donna Green of Donna Green Photography, Edinburgh


We had a session and it was a wonderful experience. Donna has not only an eye to capture the moments beautifully but she is also able to connect with children. They feel relaxed and act naturally what makes the photos even more amazing. Donna without any doubts is a very talented artist who is able to capture the purity and the real beauty of the child or any object she photographs. Stunning and highly recommended!

Marta S - Edinburgh

Our kid photos were amazing! Donna is a fantastic photographer with beautiful eyes that naturally capture the beauty of the scenes. She took beautiful shots of our wee one while he was playing, walking, climbing, and meditating. I strongly recommend Donna. She is professional, and she knows how to deal with kids. Thank you very much, Donna.

Dana K - Edinburgh