Why we all need family portraits

Why we all need family portraits

Family portraits are records of who we all are and are the most precious possessions of many people. We take them because we want to remember always a moment in time, or an event, or a thing, or a person.

Can we remember these moments without a photograph? Of course.

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But while we might remember the feeling of a place or a person, we won’t remember details because time chips away at them and the edges blur and fade.

Eventually these things, these people, become indistinct memories, like looking back on a party where you had too many cocktails.

Pick up a picture and you have the details right in front of you, bringing feelings and memories flooding back.

Bring feelings and memories flooding back

These pictures are what we pass down to our children and their children.

Family photographs are how our children’s grandchildren will know us. They’re an investment in your family history and grow in value over time, becoming heirlooms and treasures.

They're what you look at every day in your home and and think "actually, everything IS all right. More than all right."

And what's more, did you know that family photographs help enhance your child's self-esteem?

We take photographs of what we're afraid we're going to lose

Family photographer Edinburgh - old black and white photo from 1950s of three children standing against vintage car

Some of my family. Who shall remain nameless or they'll disown me!

And if you don't think photos are important, wait till they're all you have left.

Print them, hand them down, and let the memory live on

Stop for a moment and slow down ...

Take yourself back to those moments of love and fun you see immortalised in print, on your walls. Feel a smile soothe your frantically ticking mind and warm your soul.

The peace that comes with seeing beautiful images on your walls and albums created over the years of the people who mean the most to you is absolutely priceless.


We had a family shoot last month and we are so pleased with the pictures.Donna is so easy to work with she instantly makes you feel at ease and as a result catches some wonderful and natural pictures.This is the second time Donna has done photographs for us and I will definitely be returning in the future.Her pictures of the kids are great and she has really captured their personalities. Thanks again.

Joanne S - Renfrew

Donna Green is a fabulous photographer and not only is she skilled with a camera, her people skills help to make the perfect environment to have your portrait taken. She had me laughing and totally at ease, and I was completely comfortable. She’s such an easy way with making you relax and the end result lets you see yourself as others see you in the best possible way. She’s great with children and adults, which is a rare thing these days!

Traci M - Valencia, California