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Family photo shoots in Edinburgh need superhero consultations!

Family photo shoots in Edinburgh can sometimes involve me understanding the commercial relations between superheroes.

I was on the back foot as soon as I got the characters on his pyjamas wrong.

“No, no, Batman’s not on my pyjamas!” the 8 year old said to me, with the confidence and self-possession of a multi-national CEO. “It’s Marvel. YOU know. The superheroes? Iron Man”?

This lad knew what he was talking about.

I didn’t.

Catching baddies

Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Spiderman … I thought they were all the same!  Catching baddies and zooming about saving the universe in their underpants?! I had no idea there were different “camps” of superheroes and clearly had to be educated.

The pyjamed superhero in front of me soon put me right, and I listened carefully to why Batman and Superman’s paths don’t generally cross. We had a great chat about it! Well actually it wasn’t so much of a chat as me grasping how these things really matter to 8 year olds.

For Grandpa’s wall

His mum had contacted me as she wanted to give my superhero’s Grandpa a family portrait of his three grandchildren for Christmas. What a unique and thoughtful idea for a present!

Family photo shoot in Edinburgh - two little boys and girl standing against a tree with autumn leaves

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