I've photographed business owners in the following industries:

business coaching - copywriting - engineering - garden design - hospitality - HR strategy - journalism - leadership training - life coaching - marketing - pharmaceutical sales - portrait photography - roofing - sales training - seo services - social media strategy - student coaching - travel - wellness - yoga coaching 

The range of clients I work with is wonderfully diverse.

Their businesses are all vastly different, but these small business owners all have something vital in common: their unwavering dedication and the tremendous effort they pour into serving their clients.

I've learned so much from them - I never finish working with someone without profound insights to ponder.

I'm very lucky to have met these inspiring souls and to have played a part in showcasing who they are and the significance of their businesses to the world.

Find out more about how photographs like these can help YOUR business in my Ultimate Guide to Brand Photography and Business Headshots in Scotland.


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