Headshot and brand photography services

Headshot and brand photography services in Edinburgh and across Scotland

Perhaps your business in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland is now at the stage you need a whole portfolio to reflect every aspect of your business?

Or are you just starting out, on a tight budget?

Perhaps just a small handful of images for your website would suit you best. That's fine too!

Or maybe you're asking yourself, "But what kind of business photoshoot do I need anyway?" 

The number of businesses I work with is limited so I can maintain the high level of personal service that each client deserves - don't leave it too late to book!

The number of businesses I work with is limited so I can maintain the high level of personal service that each client deserves - don't leave it too late to book!

You'll get an idea below of how I can help you, but best thing to do is arrange a call with me.

Once I have an understanding of you and your business, I can then make recommendations about which package would be best for you, or if you need something completely bespoke. 

Brand photography


Perfect when you need a lot of images in one go.

Over 200 images will keep your social media going for months as well as covering requirements for your website - and anywhere else you need to promote your business. 

MOST  Popular


This 90 image collection is my most popular.

Share your values, let your personality shine, show what you do and what you stand for, and truly connect with your ideal client. 


Unlock the power of brand photography!

This collection of 35 high-impact images captures the essence of your business and helps you establish a professional presence online.

Here's why you might prefer "Soar" to "Elevate"

  • Variety: with this longer photoshoot, we have more time to incorporate different backdrops, locations, poses, activities, and outfits. This gives you a greater variety of images in your collection, showcasing a wider variety of the different aspects of your personality and brand. More comprehensive of all the important aspects of your business could include capturing images of your workspace, products, services, team members, and any other essential elements that contribute to your brand identity.
  • A more relaxed atmosphere: having more time can help create a more relaxed and comfortable experience. This helps you feel more at ease, knowing we're not racing the clock, which leads to more natural and authentic expressions and poses in your photographs.
  • More marketing materials: with more images in your final collection, you'll have a more extensive library of visuals to use for your marketing efforts. You can use these images across various platforms such as social media, your website, and print materials, consistently reinforcing your brand message.
  • Time efficiency: although a 3-hour shoot may seem longer, it can ultimately save you time by "batching". By capturing more images in a single session, you won't need to schedule so many additional individual multiple shoots, or spend additional time co-ordinating and organising future sessions.
  • Cost-efficiency: booking a longer shoot with more images can often be more cost-effective for you in the long run. Instead of paying for multiple shorter sessions, you can benefit from a comprehensive package that offers a higher value for their investment.

Headshots and subscription plans


Perhaps you're just looking for a few truly fabulous images of you looking professional and approachable to introduce yourself online? 

Or maybe you only need to update your social media profile photos ...

Or you might need some brilliant dating profile photos?


A monthly subscription for the number of sessions - and images - you need over a year. 


By having regular sessions with the same photographer, you can show your clients the narrative of your brand as it grows, progresses, and transforms. 

Why might you need brand photography rather than just simple headshots

  • You need high quality unique images of yourself and your business for your social media as well as your website - a couple of headshots simply isn't enough.
  • You've a fair (or solid!) idea of how you want to be perceived in your business photographs.
  • You're reasonably clear on who your ideal client or customer is.
  • You know what makes you different to other people offering what you do.
  • You're ready to get visible, get out there, and really take your business to the next level.
  • You're happy to delve into your brand and your marketing with me so we can come up with the perfect collection of photographs to represent your business.
  • You already have professional business photography but it needs upgraded or updated.
  • You've never been photographed professionally before but you know now is the time.
Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh Katie Townsend 3

Maybe you've got in-house marketing, brand, and social media people who have worked out exactly what you need already. 

Maybe you need straight up commercial photography. 

Or perhaps there's something very specific you need photographed which just doesn't seem to fall into any of the categories I've described so far. 

Get in touch with me and we'll talk over what you need and how we'll do it.  


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