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I'm on a mission to help female business owners stop hiding and make them proud to be visible

It's well known that many women are still, even in this day and age, grossly undervalued in the workplace. I believe that running our own businesses is a viable solution to this and that all women should have the freedom to choose to do so.

I want to help women who believe there must be more. Who believe there must be more to life than the daily grind and working for the man. Who want to achieve practical and financial independence by running their own successful business.

Empowered women make things better for themselves, their communities, their nations and ultimately, humankind. If my photography can help women succeed in this, then I'll have played my tiny part in changing the world.

i'm  Donna  green

I’m an Edinburgh personal branding photographer, and I could bore you with my whole life story or Donna could talk about herself in the third person, but she won’t do that, she'll just show you who she is, why she does what she does, and how she can help you.

Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh Donna Green with cat

It was a dark and stormy night ...

... and my phone went ping.

I eyed it sourly. It was 4.23 am.

"Bugger off", I ordered it. It pinged again. The notification panel was full of, well, notifications.

I peered more closely. Then catapulted out of bed like the hounds of hell were scenting my rapidly congealing blood.

Sweating spinal fluid, I boggled aghast at my computer screen. "Oh god, NOOOOO ..!"


The page I'd been tweaking, over-working, and tinkering with for months because I didn't have the balls to publish it, was now public.

I had heaps of comments and messages from various people I knew. "Nice page hun!" (NB: DON'T call me that!) "Cool - at last! Love your page!", "Brilliant! Love your photos!", and possibly the most horrifying one of all: "Love it - have shared".

I sat there, paralysed. What now?

I could have just unpublished the thing instantly. But I didn't. That would have looked even worse.

I went back to bed squirming in a cold sweat of mortification that my online presence was now ... online, and I needed to just suck it up. Knowing that I was out there. And it didn't look that great. And people could see it. And they might think ... Well, what WOULD they think?

Possibly the most horrifying message of all:

"Love it - have shared"

Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh - Donna Green sitting on wall

That was a while ago, but I've never forgotten how it feels to be embarrassed about your online business presence. It's crap, and such a waste of your talent!

I know how feeling like this holds you back. How it makes you play small, hiding in the shadows, because you just don't feel comfortable inviting people to your digital home or putting yourself out there. 

So I absolutely get how you're desperate to have dynamic brand visuals you can be proud of, ones which will attract the right people to your business by showing you and what you do in the very best light.

Let me help you with this. Let's get you sorted. Why not give me a call and we'll have a chat about how to get the real you and your brilliant business out there and looking fabulous?


Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh - headshots of Donna Green

Other important stuff!


Guns n' Roses: Appetite for Destruction - this filthy, nasty, and utterly foul 1987 piece of dynamite is my favourite album in the entire universe. They're my favourite band in the entire universe.

I LOVE GnR and I'm so glad I got to see them way back in '93. Best. Concert. Ever. Nothing can top these guys for me.

Still waiting for Axl's book, though ... Obviously I've read all the others! (Perhaps more than once ...)

Fictionaholic →

I grew up a bookworm, a complete fictionaholic.

We didn’t have a TV for a few years, and by the time I left school I felt like I’d travelled the world, lived in many different eras, and was convinced that had I been Cathy, I could have made Heathcliff into Perfect Husband Material.

Pipe bands  →

I played the pipes in competing pipe bands for a long time and even joined the Army Reserves as a piper.  (Yep, that's me in the middle row.)

I’d tell you more, but what happens in the beer tent stays in the beer tent.

Tuckerisms →

My favourite TV show EVER was “The Thick of It”.

If you’ve never heard of Malcolm Tucker, for pity’s sake don’t Google him if you’re at all faint-hearted.

This ice cream →

I don't like chocolate very much. Some people are deeply suspicious of this.

However, I'd be quite happy to murder and pillage for Mackies honeycomb.

Glenmorangie →

My favourite drink is 18 year old Glenmorangie. 

I keep trying other types of whisky in the hope they'll match up, but sadly they don't. 

The quest continues.

* If you really, truly, know what I mean by "where's Izzy?" when I look at the GnR picture, then you are my new best friend.

The way I work

I don’t want to be treated just as a “service” by you, and I sure as heck will never treat you just as an invoice number.

I want to get to know who you are. You’re not just a "photo package" to me, and I’ll never be just about filling up my calendar with “shoots”. 

Doing it my way, I get to be creative, use my digital marketing skills, meet fascinating people, make a difference, and have a rare old time doing it! And you? Well … I suspect you're looking for something special and not just ordinary, aren't you?


Even if you love my "important stuff" above too, I may still not be the right personal branding photographer for you.

You have to book the right photographer for your needs.  Are you and I a good fit?

Let's talk if ...

  • You understand the importance of an in-depth consultation meeting with me so we can plan out your photography in detail.
  • You want to work with someone who really understands you and your business and takes the time to figure out what you want and need from your investment in custom brand photography.
  • You'd like professional guidance on what to wear for your session so you look your best, and how to prepare in advance.
  • You have an understanding already of your brand and where you want to go with it. Even if it's still in progress, that's fine!
  • You know where Izzy went and why. 

Actually, let's not if ...

  • You want to just rock up on shoot day and get the job done as soon as possible. 
  • You just want a few quick snaps of what you look like right now and don't feel any need to look your best or express your brand messages in imagery. You don't really need a personal branding photographer for this, to be honest.
  • You're so new in business you haven't figured out whom you're trying to appeal to, or what your photography should be trying to express. But I'd love to speak to you once you have a better idea of this stuff.
  • You thought they were better off without Izzy anyway. I'm sorry. I ... just. Can't.
  • When someone asks you "Slash or Buckethead", you say "Buckethead".
Brand Photographer - eBook cover

"5 ways to stay visible in times of crisis - so you'll bounce back even harder"


Wondering how the hell to keep promoting  your business right now?  These simple strategies will help you stay top of mind. 



Wondering how the hell to keep promoting  your business right now?  These simple strategies will help you stay top of mind. 

Brand Photographer - eBook cover