edinburgh portrait photographer mother and grownup daughter laughing sitting in tree
Edinburgh portrait photography - grownup daughter sitting in tree, laughing with her mother
“Muuuuuuuum! Don’t tell him what you just said!”

Respectable ladies

Three respectable looking ladies howled with laughter. Tears ran down the face of one, another tried to look innocent, while the other nearly dropped her camera.

An elderly and even more respectable looking gentleman stopped and gawped.

“Oh sorry, are we in your way?” I asked him once the hilarity had subsided.

“Oh no, no, you’re fine! I was just wondering what you were laughing about” he smiled.

We three ladies (yes, I can be described at “respectable”!) shot horrified glances at each other, stopped for a moment, and erupted again. Oh, we looked respectable, but our words weren’t!

He drifted off.

Willy jokes

How could we tell him that the eldest of the the three of us had been cracking willy jokes, making her daughter end herself and me quite incapable of operating my camera?

After an hour with this fabulous mother-and-daughter pair, with us all blethering about everything from  _______ and _______ to _______ , (can’t tell you what; I’d have to kill you), I felt like I’d been to a Fringe show. A very, very good one – you know, where you walk in expecting “a nice time” but come out again with your sides hurting and your face aching? That.

Mother and daughter photography session

Kirsty booked me to take some pictures of her and her mother, Beth, together, and when I look back to our session a week ago, I’m really struck by the way the two of them laughed together constantly. They were incredibly alike and seemed to spark off each other non-stop – the one just had to look at the other sideways and they’d be off again, chortling and giggling.

fun family photography in Edinburgh - mother and grownup daughter laughinng
I was just close enough to hear what Beth just said to her daughter and nearly dropped my camera!

It was beautiful.

They’d rib each other, teasing and mocking each other, in the finest of fettles, close, and in tune.

What were their concerns beforehand?

At the end of our session, I was curious to know if they’d been concerned about anything in particular before being photographed – did it turn out like they expected it to? So I asked them on video.

I’ve heard a LOT of clients’ fears before their photography sessions, mind.  The most common fears are that they’ll look awful in the photographs, they don’t know what to wear, or they’ll awkward because they don’t know how to “pose”. (See my FAQs page for answers.)

But never have I had a response like Beth’s to my question, which you can hear at the end of this wee video.

And I’ve never been out for a Sunday walk with such smart, dignified and correct looking ladies as these two where the conversation was quite like … that.

I love this job!

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