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Because who's got time for telephone tag or email ping pong? Click the red button and book yourself in for any of the below!




Find out exactly how I can help you and what I can do for you, call me to find out if your ideas for a session will fly, or just call to tell me how much you love my work - it's all good!


My clients love this, and I won't go into a photography session without having had one of these. Read more about why pre-session planning consultations are so important here.  Definitely not to be missed.


No pressure, but make sure your crystal ball tells you when the weather'll be good, hmmm? Oh, and find out the best time of day here!


Give me 15 days after our photgraphy session in which to sprinkle the fairy dust and hand edit your photos, then I'll then come round to yours and show you your photographs so you can decide which to purchase and how you would like them displayed in your home.


Arrange a time for me to come round and give you your finished artwork, all ready to take pride of place on your walls.  (I strongly recommend you don't let me anywhere near a hammer and nails, however.)


Not weird or freaky, mind! But if you're a nice, non-weird person and have something to tell me, I'm all ears.