The danger of making assumptions really can make things go horribly wrong!

The danger of making assumptions

I’m writing this on 10 April, at the start of 2022’s World Homeopathic Awareness Week. But first, let me take you back to the mid-90s …

Homeopathy: brilliant or bollocks?

Photographing your family Christmas – find out here how to capture Christmas in photographs and still be present to enjoy the moment. 6 top tips to make sure you think properly about what you want to do, and then how to do it!

Photographing Christmas: 6 top tips

7 things I’ve learned this year – good, and not so good! How did YOUR year go? What did you learn from it, and what’s the best and worst things that happened?

7 things I’ve learned this year

Working mum guilt … Poisonous, isn’t it?

As I’ve been a working mum for 15 years now, and as most of my clients are also working mums, I’m going to tell you exactly why we can all ditch the working mum guilt which plagues so many of us.

Here’s why to ditch working mum guilt – 5 surprising reasons the children benefit from your job

Two years ago, my poor overworked smartphone gave me an obscene gesture and yelled “nooooooo, gimme a rest!”.

Then it died.

Here’s how I fared, and why I’m scared of the slippery slope.

Smartphone addiction is real