How to take business photos by seeing what’s popular in your industry and find out why it works. It’s all about your target client’s expectations, and absolutely not mindless conformity.

How to take business photos: ideas from your industry

“What kind of business photography do I need?” is something you’ve probably asked yourself even before you start the search for the right photographer to help you.

So how DO you figure out what kind of business photography you need? It’s all here …

What kind of business photography do I need?

How to find the right brand photographer in Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland can seem ovewhelming – don’t start looking till you’ve read my top tips!

How to find the right brand photographer

Putting off a brand photo shoot is something lots of small business owners do – here are the most commons reasons why. Find out why they’re not true and why you should do it anyway!

6 reasons you’re putting off a brand photo shoot

A photography shot list is essential – here’s why you and your brand photographer need one. And why it helps, not stifles, creativty.

How to plan brand photography with a shot list

Personal branding photography is an important investment and you need to prepare for your brand photoshoot properly to play your part in making sure that, between us, you and I create photos you’re proud to share and that will appeal to your audience and ideal clients. Here’s how.

Prepare for your brand photoshoot – 5 top tips

The Pinterest board you’ll create before our shoot planning session will hold exactly 25 photographs picked by you which, viewed as a collection, exemplify the kind of look and feel you’re going for. Find out why a mood board like this is so vital – and how to create one!

Mood boards for personal branding photography

All of my personal branding sessions take place at specially selected locations, and I use natural light as much as humanly possible. I don’t offer studio shoots – they’re okay for straight headshots, but for full personal branding sessions, we need your location to do some of the work! Here’s how we decide on the perfect places to go.

6 ways to find the perfect location for your next brand photoshoot

Headshots allow you to put your best face forward — literally. Whether you’ve already got a headshot or business photography session booked or you’re thinking about having one done, these suggestions will help you get the best looking images possible.

6 ways to prepare for your headshots and business portraits

Find out how to navigate the line between being the Party Pest because your phone’s constantly in front of your face, and documenting it just enough so you can look back later and value the memories you’ve caught. And yes, share them on Facebook! (But later. Don’t “post and party”!)

How to photograph events yet still be present (part 2)

How do we safeguard against turning into “That Person”? The one who experiences events only through the lens of a smartphone and judges it by the likes given on Facebook? How do we walk that line of immortalising the event highlights in photographs yet still be fully there in the moment to enjoy and really experience it? Can it even be done, or have we gone too far?

How to photograph events yet still be present (part 1)