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High impact personal brand & headshot photography

High  impact  personal  branding  photography

for female entrepreneurs in Scotland - 

get more confident, get more visible, get more business


Make more sales, get more clients - get your business out there fast with these simple strategies

Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh - how to your business visible guide
Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh - how to your business visible guide

"5 ways to get your business visible, fast" - FREE CHECKLIST

Make more sales, get more clients - get your business out there fast with these simple strategies!

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Brand Photographer
Edinburgh, Scotland

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To make more money and more sales, brave, hard-working female entrepreneurs like you need to be visible. Recognised. SEEN.

I help you get ideal clients and make more money through the power of bang-on-brand visuals.

Brand Photographer Edinburgh Scotland - collage of personal branding photography

Are you running to stand still?

Are you overwhelmed at having to continually feed the social media beast, day in, day out? You know, the one which never sleeps? Are your efforts still failing to stop the scroll?

Do you feel as if you're invisible?

Have you ever spent hours upon hours planning what business photos you're going to post, then you find everyone else is using them too? It's horrible feeling lost in the online noise.

Are you trying to get past DIY?

How are those phone selfies working out for you? You know you need high quality, original images for your business, but you know you're past the days iPhone snaps would cut it. 

Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh - Donna Green - headshot

Hi! I'm Donna Green

And I'm a Personal Brand and Headshot Photographer
in Edinburgh, Scotland

I'm also ...

A highlander transplanted into the central belt. I’m from Kingussie, up in Inverness-shire, which always has been and always will be “home”. 

I collect profanities in Gaelic and have often been glad that most folk around me in Edinburgh don't understand them.

Some day I'm going to get myself into trouble, though.

You can find out more about me here.

Brand Photographer Edinburgh - Niki Hutchison headshot

"A range of photographs of me that I can use to promote myself and my business

Donna was very easy to work with, gave great direction and the whole process was very professional and fun too."

N HUTCHISON | Marketing Strategist

Brand Photographer Edinburgh - woman speaking into phone

To say Donna was amazing would be an understatement. The whole process was a really enjoyable journey from start to finish!

She sent me a brand workbook which went into my brand extensively (it asked about values, themes, setting, target audience and much more).

This not only helped Donna get to know my business better but it actually really helped me clarify a lot of things within my business - honestly I think she could sell this book by itself and make a fortune!

K TAYLOR | Life Coach

Your photographs have to show prospective clients:


People don't do business with businesses; they do business with people. Just like you. Show them who you are, and truly connect.


What do you do for your clients? Words alone aren't enough - you need to show them with professional, high quality images.


Who are you out of work?

What makes you tick

Are you the type of person your clients can click with?


Show people you at work and let them envisage being right there with you. They'll be more likely to book/buy.


Do you have tools or props which really illustrate what it is you do? Keep building that connection with your audience - let the photos entice them into your world.


You need a constant stream of high quality images for your social media to even get a place at the table these days.  

Let's sort that out.

This is our game plan!

Your strategy and planning session

First we'll have a phone chat - if we think it's a goer, we'll arrange to meet (in person if possible but if not, by Zoom/Skype) for a consultation.

Before we meet, I'll give you some "homework" to do which will dig really deeply into your entire brand, what you want to achieve, and any initial ideas for photographs you may have. 

Then we'll meet to discuss all this, and I can get to know you and your brand. We'll decide on what themes to concentrate on and show the world, and how.

Branding Photographer Edinburgh - woman sitting at table in cafe reading magazine

Your photography session itself 

Your photography session - where it all happens!

We'll go to the locations we picked with the outfits and props we decided on, then create the perfect lifestyle personal branding photographs for you which will convey exactly the right messages to your audience.  

This will be fun, I promise! 

Personal Branding Photographer Edinburgh - woman working on laptop in cafe

Your photographs and stuff you get from me

I'll give you all your digital photographs two weeks later in the various sizes you need, with guidelines on how to use them to achieve a consistent, professional, online presence.

You'll also have a licence for commercial use and the rights to tinker with them as much as you want.  (Top tip: normal portrait photographers don't allow this.)

And after you've had your personal branding photography done ..?

You'll have more time in your business! Less stressing about what to post on social media when you've got enough unique on brand images to post every day for 3 months!

You'll connect more deeply with your ideal clients so that you become the only choice for them in a crowded marketplace.

You'll look more professional and serious about your business - no dodgy iPhone shots or blurred selfies. You've just taken yourself to the next level and will attract more of the clients who are right for you. 

What they say

Donna was wonderful to work with and I'm so pleased she managed to capture lovely shots for marketing purposes.

C Walter


I absolutely loved the photos Donna did for us, they have made such a difference to my business. She is so easy to work with, nothing was too much trouble and I really liked the way she had a very in-depth consultation meeting with me first to get to know me and what I needed.

R Watson


Donna Green is a fabulous photographer and not only is she skilled with a camera, her people skills help to make the perfect environment to have your portrait taken. She had me laughing and totally at ease, and I was completely comfortable. She’s such an easy way with making you relax and the end result lets you see yourself as others see you in the best possible way.

T Moore


find out more about how personal branding photography can help your business

Get in touch

If you're serious about growing your brand and connecting with your audience on a deeper level, I'd love to work with you.  Let's talk, and see how we can propel your business forward.

Still thinking about it? No problem.

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Personal & business branding photography Edinburgh collage - Donna Green

Entrepreneurs need more than just fabulous headshots - they need someone who can translate their brand into visuals which attract clients and grow their business.

Make sure you get someone who can give you images which will help you get great clients and grow your business.

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