Edinburgh | Scotland

Transforming small businesses from invisible to invincible with strategic, high impact brand photography and headshots

Edinburgh | Scotland

Strategic brand photography and headshots for small business owners
 looking to make an impact

Edinburgh | Scotland

Transforming small businesses from invisible to invincible with strategic, high impact brand photography and headshots

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As a driven small business owner or visionary entrepreneur, you face specific challenges:

Setting yourself apart and standing out

Lots of other people do what you do. So you have to carve out your unique place in a competitive landscape.

In a world of rapidly diminishing attention spans, you can't rely on lots of words which takes age to read to stop the online scroll.

So how will you get noticed - quickly?

Connecting with your dream clients

The struggle to visually convey your unique essence and show instantly who you are, what you do, and how you do it is real. 

Are you showing up online looking the best version of you there is?

Can the people you'll love to work with scan your online profiles and website and instantly get a sense of your values and what it would be like to work with you? 

Waiting to get noticed is getting you nowhere

You need to transform your business image into an unforgettable visual story, igniting connection, trust, and magnetic attraction.

You need to pique interest immediately, as well as looking like a highly professional and trustworthy expert.

Don't ask for a place at the table - draw up your chair, and tell everyone else to budge up!

I specialise in crafting exceptional brand photography that helps you showcase your business with rigorously planned, strategically designed, high impact visuals. 

If your online presence doesn't make you and your business look expert, professional, current, and entirely relevant to the people you want to work with ... Isn't it time we fixed that?

Personal branding photography and headshots for
small businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals

in Edinburgh and across Scotland

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Does this sound familiar ..?

Are you brilliant at what you do but people just aren't seeing you?

Are you an expert in what you do but maybe not so confident in promoting yourself?

Perhaps it makes you feel a bit queasy, and you don't really know where to start. Your business has grown, and you know the next step is to get yourself out there and be visible. But ... How?

Do you feel as if you're invisible?

Have you ever spent hours upon hours planning what business photos and content you're going to post, but you struggle to stand out because there's nothing unique about your imagery?

Your heart sinks as you get lost in the online noise as the people you'd love to work with just scroll on by - to your competitors.

Are you attracting the right clients?

You know exactly the kind of person you'd love to work with - someone like-minded, who truly appreciates and values what you do. But why are they not seeing you?

And why are the clients you ARE attracting just ... Not quite right for you? Not quite understanding the value you provide and why they should pick YOU to work with?

Isn't it time we fixed that?

"Committed to delivering a great, high quality set of images that align with your business strategy, Donna is thorough and focused, puts a lot of attention on prep, and is determined to make you look your best.

She’s fun to work with, slightly irreverent and really curious to learn more about your business dreams, goals and ambitions. 

If you want a great Edinburgh-based photographer to work with you and help you create not just great photographs but an integrated visual brand, Donna is the woman for you!"

Brand photography shows your prospective clients
why they should pick YOU

How to find the right brand photographer in Edinburgh Scotland - woman working at computer

Show what you offer

People don't do business with businesses; they do business with people. Just like you. Show them who you are, and truly connect.

What do you do for your clients? Words alone aren't enough - you need to show them with professional, high quality images.

Each image sends a message, often subconsciously, to potential clients and customers about who you are and the way you work. Having poor quality, amateur, or generic stock images on your website can be the difference between someone picking your competitor over you. 

Show who you are and what it's like working with you

Who are you really? What makes you tickAre you the type of person your clients can click with?

Show images of you at work, and let your ideal clients envisage being right there with you. They'll be much more likely to book/buy.

Whether you're highly conventional or zany and colourful, it doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that you show it. Then you'll draw in the people who are interested, and repel those who aren't - which is exactly what you need. 

Show the tools of your trade and your professional expertise

Do you have tools or props which really illustrate what it is you do? Keep building that connection with your audience - let the photos entice them into your world.

You're brilliant at what you do so let people see how you do it. 

Hi!  I'm Donna Green.

I'm a personal branding and headshot photographer
in Edinburgh, 
and I work across Scotland

I'm also a highlander transplanted into the central belt. I’m from Kingussie, up in Inverness-shire, which always has been and always will be “home”.

I collect profanities in Gaelic and have often been glad that most folk around me in Edinburgh don't understand them.

I'm going to get myself into trouble, one of these days.

I approach my work with clients very strategically and methodically, and as I'm quite geeky, I LOVE systems and processes.

This is a big asset in brand photography as there's so much more to it than just being a "purveyor of pretty pictures", as my father once called what I do (cheers, Dad!)

You can find out more about me here - discover why my professional background in comms, marketing, PR, and IT all benefit my clients (and find out how you can become my new best friend ...)

"To say Donna was amazing would be an understatement. The whole process was a really enjoyable journey from start to finish!

She sent me a brand workbook which went into my brand extensively (it asked about values, themes, setting, target audience and much more).

This not only helped Donna get to know my business better but it actually really helped me clarify a lot of things within my business - honestly I think she could sell this book by itself and make a fortune that's how good I think it is!"

Brand photography: your game plan!

My default wiring is to be "comfortably invisible", so I know exactly the guts it takes you to get out there, and the internal hurdles involved in stepping out of your comfort zone and showcasing your business to the world.

Working with me is a collaborative process which I guide you through with encouragement and patience from start to finish.

Your homework!

After you book with me, I'll give you some "homework" to do which will dig really deeply into your entire brand, what you want to achieve, and any initial ideas for photographs you may have. You'll also do a visual exercise

Your strategic planning session

After you've sent me the homework, we'll meet to discuss it all, and I can get to know you and your brand even more. We'll decide on what themes to concentrate on in the photographs and how exacty we're going to represent your business in images.

I'll then turn all that into a shoot plan for your sign-off, which keeps us right when preparing for the shoot and during it. 

Your brand photography session

Your photography session - where it all happens!

We'll go to the locations we picked with the outfits and props we decided on, then create the perfect brand photographs for you which will convey exactly the right messages to your audience.

This will be fun, I promise!

Your post-shoot advice session

If you've chosen either my Transcend or Soar photography package, you won't be on your own once you have your new collection of brand photographs - we have another meeting to discuss how you can make the most of them.  

You'll also get a content plan with great ideas for how to put your new images to work.

Which brand photography package is best for you?

First things first - have a read of my in-depth article on business photography which will help you work out what kind you actually need. It walks you through lots of things to consider before arriving at your decision. 


Perfect when you need a lot of images in one go and want to get a lot done at once.

This will keep your social media going for months as well as covering requirements for your website and anywhere else you need to promote your business. 

MOST  Popular


This 90 image collection is my most popular.

Share your values, let your personality shine, show what you do and what you stand for, and truly connect with your ideal client. 


Unlock the power of brand photography!

This collection of 40 high impact images which capture the essence of your business to establish a professional presence online.


Perhaps you're just looking for a few truly fabulous images of you looking professional and approachable to introduce yourself online?

Or maybe you only need to update your social media profile photos.

Or you might need some brilliant dating profile photos?


A monthly subscription for the number of sessions - and images - you need over a year.  

By having regular sessions with the same photographer, you can show your clients the narrative of your brand as it grows, progresses, and transforms.

You'll reflect those moments that highlight your business journey over time and the growing value you bring to your clients and customers.

"The value of getting my photographs done went way beyond the images themselves.

Getting my photos done professionally with Donna turned out to be the impetus I needed to update my website, rejuvenate my branding, and make my profile more cohesive across the platforms I use."

Useful blog posts

More kind words from clients

Katie Townsend

I'm so happy with the photographs Donna took of me to support my business. Before we even met for the shoot, Donna got to know my business and my brand and really helped me understand the types of images I needed.

During the shoot, she put me at ease - so important! And I've got a load of pictures that I can use on my website and across social media that really reflect me and my brand.

Woman in red top against yellow background

Rachael Davies

Donna was fantastic during our photo shoot, helping me to feel at ease (I'm not naturally very confident in front of the camera).

The result was stunning photos that I use across my business, on social media, my website, and featured posts. Would highly recommend!

Lyn Ray

Donna took photographs for me at an event I was running recently. I don't like getting my photograph taken at all but Donna totally put me at ease. I barely even noticed when Donna was taking the photographs.

For anyone looking to get brand or headshot photos taken I'd highly recommend Donna. You won't be disappointed. She's a really lovely person and very easy to work with.

Recommended as one of the best photographers in Edinburgh by Sharpscot - a group of consumers who appreciate great services and products and want to give Scots an easy reference based on solid research and hands-on experience.

Brand photography expert

Certified Brand Photography Expert

Find out more about how brand and headshot photography can help your business

If you're serious about growing your brand and connecting with your audience on a deeper level, I'd love to work with you.

Let's talk, and see how we can propel your business forward.


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