Know your audience! But how do you go about this? Here are three simple ways you can start figuring this out right now.

3 simple ways to know your audience

How to choose the right editing style for your social media photos – master the art of creating business photographs for maximum impact and brand recognition! Here’s how to stay on brand with your visuals.

How to choose the right editing style – build your brand’s visual identity

Consistency in social media photos is crucial for coaches and consultants to stand out online and look professsional and trustworthy. Find out why a consistent style matters so much!

Consistency in social media photos – 5 reasons it’s crucial for coaches and consultants

Why are brand values important? To establish your competitive edge, you must know and talk about your brand values. Here’s how to set yourself apart and attract your ideal clients.

Why are brand values important?

Have you ever wondered how to use awareness days in your content marketing? A lot of small business owners aren’t too sure how to do this – if you’re one of them, read on to find out simple it is and how it can really blast through your writer’s block!

How to use awareness days in your content marketing

What’s YOUR why in your business? What made you do what you do? I’m a personal branding photographer in Edinburgh and there are a few reasons I do what I do. I don’t only offer photographs. I help people see women business owners like this the way they SHOULD be seen, not the way they see themselves. I want to help women who believe there must be more. Who believe there must be more to life than the daily grind and working for the man. Who want to achieve practical and financial independence by running their own successful business.

What’s your why?

Do you feel like your business is lurking in the shadows, unseen by potential clients or customers? How’s your marketing strategy looking? Does it sell you? Here at some common marketing strategy mistakes you might be making – and how to fix them.

5 marketing strategy mistakes you can’t afford to make

If you’ve been thinking for a while that you need to be photographed professionally for your business, you’re dead right. High quality professional photography is a huge asset – here’s why this business expense should be at the top of your list.

Why is professional photography important for your business?

Competition’s fierce, so your social media visuals simply have to be up to scratch to communicate what you and your business are all about to a digitally distracted audience. Find out why your visuals are so crucial and why it’s crucial they’re consistent.

Your social media visuals

When the world seems to be in flames out there at the moment, concentrate hard on what YOU can control. Do you have a post-covid exit strategy? You know, for exiting lockdown and all these restrictions and getting yourself properly back out there? If not, you need to start thinking about this sooner rather than later, and take the opportunity of the current slowdown to lay groundwork for coming back stronger than ever. There’s every chance that if you don’t, your competitors are.

Shit-show to shit-hot: your post-covid exit strategy

The camera doesn’t lie … Or does it?You’ve heard the old saying that the camera doesn’t lie. (Well THAT’s a lie.)You’ve been told that rough, candid, unposed shots show “the real you”. (Another lie. Which version of the real you?)That if you look ugly in pictures, you must be ugly in real life. (Er, no.

How selfies on your website destroy your brand

You may be waiting impatiently for the day you can write the resignation email, but in the meantime, here’s some advice for getting through the days while you’re working two jobs: working your arse off at night on the stuff that REALLY matters to you: your own business.

Working two jobs