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A wee bit about me … and how I can help you

I’m an Edinburgh family photographer, and I could bore you with my whole life story or Donna could talk about herself in the third person, but she won’t do that because it’s not very friendly.  She'd rather show you how she can help you. 

I specialise in easy-going family portrait photography in and around Edinburgh which captures the unique personalities and faces of your people. 

Edinburgh family photographer - portrait of Donna Green

Proof that I do indeed know what it's like to be on the other side of the lens!

Who I am

I’m from Kingussie, up in Inverness-shire, which always has been and always will be “home”. However, I’m now lucky enough to live on the edge of Edinburgh where we see the hills in the distance, cows in the field at the end of the road, and plenty of trees.

I came down here years ago to do an MA in Gaelic and German at Edinburgh Uni but after I got that under my belt, I somehow ended up working full-time for a trade union, then in IT, and now I'm an Edinburgh family photographer. What can I say? I like variety!

My two children alternate between being the light and the bane of my life.

The younger one has developed a habit of either simpering or sighing whenever I point the camera in her direction but occasionally models for me for Kinder Eggs.

The older one drives a harder bargain and demands to stay up till all hours on a school night. (My negotiation skills are better than his. So far.)

It’s people like you who make my hands twitch to lift the camera to my eye.  Endlessly fascinating people, with endlessly fascinating relationships.

 And I love to get that connection between you, to show who you are rather than merely what you look like.


Family photographer Edinburgh - 2 year old boy with bright red hair kissing his mother in the evening sunshine

The last days of this wee chap being an only child

My children and family portraits tell your story – they’re not merely images of people staring at the camera with peculiarly fixed smiles under studio lights. It’s not a posed story I make up. It’s your story I show

And I don’t just want you to just put it on Facebook. I want it on your walls, so you’ll be reminded every single day of the truth and reality of your family that lies underneath your daily stress and chaos.

  • Why I do this
  • ugh, kill me now!
  • not just a "service"

Not just a "service"

I don’t want to be treated just as a “service” by you, and I sure as heck will never treat you just as an invoice number.

I want to get to know who you are. You’re not just a "photo package" to me, and I’ll never be just about filling up my calendar with “shoots”.

Doing it my way,  I get to create art, meet fascinating people, and have a rare old time doing it! And you? Well … Talk to me. I suspect you're looking for something special and not just ordinary, aren't you?

Talk to me

As an Edinburgh family photographer I take on a limited number of clients so I can give each of you the very best experience possible, so get in touch with me now so we can talk about how to create your daily reminders of how much love can be found in your family home and the beauty of your everyday life that too often gets forgotten about. 

Now is the time, not sometime, or another time.

book your session now!

Edinburgh family photographer - Donna Green

Some (very!) random things about me:

  • heart
    My favourite drink is 18 year old Glenmorangie. I keep trying other types in the hope they’ll match up, but sadly they don’t. The quest continues.
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    I grew up a bookworm, a complete fictionaholic – we didn’t have a TV for a few years and by the time I left school, I felt like I’d travelled the world, lived in many different eras, and was convinced that had I been Cathy, I could have made Heathcliff into Perfect Husband Material.
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    I don’t like chocolate very much. However, I’d be quite happy to murder and pillage for Mackies honeycomb ice cream. 
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    I played the pipes in competing pipe bands for over a decade and even joined the TA to do piping. I’d tell you more, but what happens in the beer tent stays in the beer tent.
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    I’m not the best cook (although I’ve never yet poisoned anyone), but I’ve got a rather impressive collection of paleo recipe books. I swear I could stick to the paleo lifestyle and diet a lot more easily if I had my own personal chef and had my jaws wired together whenever I left the house, but nevertheless it’s still something I aspire to. Sometimes I’m aspiring from rather afar, mind you.
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    My favourite TV show EVER was “The Thick of It”. If you’ve never heard of Malcolm Tucker, for pity’s sake don’t Google him if you’re at all faint-hearted.

or perhaps you'd rather have a wee read of my blog first?