Family portrait photography Edinburgh for discerning but busy families

Working two jobs

Working two jobsGet the most out of your day job while waiting to do your side job full time!Lots of female business owners are still working a day job when they’re trying to get their true passion – their side gig – off the ground.You may be waiting impatiently for the day you can write […]

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Build your child’s self-esteem with family photos

Simply putting your photographs on Facebook may well keep the aunties happy, and it might satisfy your hankering for “likes”, but it’s certainly not taking advantage of the psychological and emotional benefits your children will get when the photos are on the walls of your home or in an album which can actually be physically touched on a regular basis.

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Worried about your feral beasts? Don’t be.

Many parents despair of ever capturing good images of their active children, never mind great ones, but bring them to me, we’ll go somewhere outside where they can belt around and enjoy themselves, and watch the magic happen.

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Killer tip for photographing your kids

I have got the best killer tip for photographing your kids! And it’s actually very, very easy.

(Well. Unless you’ve got bad knees, that is.)

And the best bit is, this’ll work with any camera whatsoever, including the most ancient old smartphones!

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Seriousness not guaranteed

Fun family photography in Edinburgh where seriousness is not guaranteed – my client had a rather unusual concern! Find out what it was here, and why I was the one being led astray …

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