Good luck or bon courage?

Good luck or bon courage - woman in blue top

I've never really liked the phrase "good luck"

I know why people say it. It's just something "nice" to wish folks, isn't it? It's always said with the very best of intentions. 

But it's not particularly useful because it heavily implies that the outcome you're looking for is outwith your control. 

You know what's better than "good luck"?


You're encouraging the person to summon strength or courage in their endavour. 

"Bon courage" is internal - you yourself actively need to summon the strength and fortitude you need. 

"Good luck" is external - you're passively waiting and hoping for it to appear. You're making yourself a hostage to fortune. The good luck might come, or it might not. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!

We all need courage in our businesses, don't we?

We need it to:

  • Put ourselves out there (repeatedly)
  • Stand out
  • Launch new initiatives when doing the same old thing feels safer
  • Take risks
  • Try new things
  • Meet new people
  • Keep going, even when things feel HARD!

On a personal level, we need courage for every major step in life we take: leaving home, buying property, applying for jobs, hooking up with someone (short term or long term!) ... So. Many. Things.

The next time you notice yourself wishing for better luck, flip this round and gather your guts instead. Wish yourself bon courage. If you have a good plan and great guts, you'll move mountains.

Bon courage, my friend.

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