Are your brand visuals losing you business? 

Do your business images work for you and help you attract more clients?  Or are they repelling them?

It's hard when you're a small business owner struggling to be seen online and get the engagement (and the conversion) you need.

It's busy out there ...

You have to stand out and be noticed amongst all these other business owners. In Scotland there are:


private sector businesses


businesses in Edinburgh alone


small businesses in Edinburgh with fewer than 50 employees

And that's just for local businesses. If you're an online business? You need to stand out from the rest of the world!

To be noticed and make sales you NEED to be sure that:

⭐️ Your business images convert - you get visitors to your website, but are your conversion rates are low? I get it - it's easy to get so involved in working in your business, you forget what it looks like to other people when they find you online!

⭐️ Your images reflect what you do - but maybe you're secretly a bit embarrassed by your online presence and are pretty sure it doesn't reflect how damn GOOD you are at what you do.

⭐️ Your images support your marketing messages - you work so hard on your business, shouldn't your visuals support your aims and do the same? (Yes!)

visual content audit - importance of visuals diagram

Stats from Brain Rules by molecular biologist John Medina

If your brand visuals are up to scratch, you'll look expert, professional, current, and VERY relevant to your ideal clients.

But how you do you know if they're up to scratch? 

Wouldn't it be great if you had a fresh set of expert eyes on your business visuals to tell you what's wrong and how exactly to fix it? 

You need a Visual Content Audit and Action Plan!

** £150 ** till end April 2022, then increasing to £200

Who's this for?

A visual content audit is for you if ...

  • You're using stock photographs but aren't sure you're using the right images in the right places. You know the right visuals are vital to make that all important brilliant first impression but aren't sure you've nailed it.
  • You've had yourself and your business professionally photographed before but didn't get any advice on how to use the images - what looks best where? Would switching things around help get your message across more quickly and effectively?
  • You're flying by the seat of your pants with selfies and smartphone photos - you're not yet ready to invest in professional photography but want to make sure you're making the best of what you have so far. 
  • You've got at least a good handful of images which you're currently using.
  • You're reasonably clear on who your target audience is and what you're trying to say to them.
  • You're not very clear on the techy stuff to do with the photos you use ... Sizing, cropping, alt tagging, resolutions, image naming, etc - you know getting this wrong can be very problematic, but it all just sounds so confusing!

But probably not for you if ...

  • You're barely using images at all. (Eeeek! In that case, you better read my post on why professional photography is important for your business!)
  • Your phone's ringing off the hook and you're making money hand over fist in your business - you're too busy right now to think about your visuals. (Come back to me when you get the chance to draw breath, when you're looking at how to grow your business.)
  • You've had a brand shoot not long ago and your photographer advised you on which images you should be using where, and it's working. (Your phone's ringing off the hook and you're making money hand over fist!)
  • You're just about to hire a designer and have your entire website and digital presence significantly revamped. Chances are you'll get advice on what images to use where and why, but if it's not, wait till your new design has been live for a wee while. You'll have had the chance to see what's working and what isn't.
  • You're just getting started and aren't yet at all clear on your ideal client, who your audience is, what makes you different, and what you're trying to say. 

What do you get?

Pre-consultation questionnaire

hour+ long consultation call

Report and action plan

Follow-up support for two weeks

⚡  If you're not ready for a brand photoshoot yet, or even if you've had one already but aren't sure you're using the right images in the right places, I can help you use what you already have in the best possible way to propel your business forward.

⚡  Get my expert eyes on your social media profiles, websites, launch images, social ad images, print collateral, PR photos, etc - and find out how to make your images sell for you. Which images are working for you and which are actively repelling potential clients?

⚡  Let's look at what you've currently got. What can you remove? What can you add? What can you tweak? And are the images you've got helping Google find you? This audit is about using what you have but more effectively, and making sure your visual content shows who you are, what you do, and why you're doing it as much as it possibly can.

Here's how it works


You show me your stuff!

I send you a questionnaire so I can find out a bit about your business and find your website and social profiles. (Okay, yes, so I stalk!)

Tell me what you want them to say and to whom, and I'll have a really good poke around.

Using my brand photography expertise, I'll find out exactly which of your visuals are and aren't helping you sell. And which aren't.


Decide what you'd like to cover

Perhaps you want to dig deeply into how each and every page of your website looks and discuss whether each image is working for you.

Or maybe you'd rather cover everything from the images and layout of your website to your social profile images, banner/cover images, featured images, your IG grid, story icons, and colour schemes?


We have a consultation call

We'll spend an hour or so on zoom discussing my findings, and you can ask me anything about your visuals. We'll go over any pitfalls and help you climb out of them.

We'll see what you've already got, see what looks best and where, and figure out what else you need.


I give you my report and action plan

You'll then get a full, easy to follow, report and action plan for how to fix what's not working for you.

It's not a redesign and you won't get a new logo or be told to use different fonts - but you WILL find out how you can use your images in a better way to support your unique brand messaging.

About me, Donna Green

I'm a personal branding photographer in Edinburgh and I help small business owners get more business through the power of bang-on-brand visuals which help your ideal clients get to know, like, and trust you, and then buy from you.

You can find out everything you need to know about this in my Ultimate Guide to Brand Photography and Business Headshots in Scotland - it's a biggie!

By booking a Visual Content Audit with me, you can benefit from my experience and training as a brand photography specialist - I know exactly how “putting yourself out there” with the right images helps your business shine and gets you noticed (and booked!) by your ideal clients.


I've only got stock images - can you still help?

What do you look at other than my website?

Can you check my copy as well?

Do I get design advice for my website too?

What are the timescales?

How do I book?

Brand Photographer Edinburgh - woman speaking into phone

Book your Visual Content Audit within ...


You missed out!

... and you'll get £100 off a full personal branding photography shoot, valid for the whole of 2022 - speak to me for details!

Booking in January? You'll get £100 off a full personal branding photography shoot, valid for the whole of 2022 - speak to me for details!