6 ways to prepare for your headshots and business portraits

6 ways to prepare for your headshots & business portraits - headshot of young woman

Prepeare for your headshots and business portraits with these easy suggestions

Put your best face forward!

6 ways to prepare for your business portraits

Seeing as how we're now in the 2020s and the internet reigns supreme, having high quality, current headshots is vital, whether it's for your career or your business. And it really doesn’t matter what your job is, either!

It used to be that blue chip CEOs and corporate finance leaders were the only people you'd see with a professional headshot or business portrait, but today everyone benefits from improving their online presence.

Headshots allow you to put your best face forward — literally. Whether you’ve already got a headshot or business photography session booked or you’re thinking about having one done, these suggestions will help you get the best looking images possible.

When it comes to your professional image, selfies on your website really do not cut it, so don't be tempted to go down that route!

1) Wear clothing that fits, flatters, and looks neutral

There’s a time and a place for leopard print tops or crazy ties, and it may be that "wacky" is your personal brand. But for headshots, you're better off with plain, neutral clothes that you feel comfortable in and that are flattering to your skin tone. Don't let your clothes and your face fight for attention!

2) Bring a second outfit

Unless it really is only one stunning image you're after, you'll likely want to have some variety and choice amongst the images you end up with. Bringing a change of clothes gives you more options.

3) Don't over-accessorise

This is a headshot, so we don’t want to detract from your face. Too much jewellery can distract and lead the eye elsewhere, so it’s best to stick to small and simple pieces if you choose to wear any accessories at all. Face first, remember.

4) Make sure your hair is out of your face

This goes along with the last point, but to ensure we get a good shot you’ll want to keep hair out of your face. Are you going to look at your photographs and wish you'd had your hair trimmed or coloured? Do you look shifty in the photos because you're hiding behind long hair?

Secret weapon: hairspray! A wee squiz of hairspray neatens everything up (and could save your photographer ages in retouching flyaway ends!) You still need to look like yourself, but try and make sure it's a neat version of yourself.

Even more secret a weapon: hand cream. If you don't have hairspray on you and your hair's all over the shop and a hairbrush is just making things worse, smooth a tiny wee bit of handcream over your hair to make the ends behave. No handcream? Soapy water. (Only a VERY small amount!)

5) Think about your backdrop

Common options for headshot backgrounds are your business location, your home office, or against a neutral background. What's the general vibe you're going for? The boardroom or the kitchen? Anything's possible, but think through why you're going for the location you are and have a good reason for it. What are these photographs going to say about you?

6) Get good sleep and eat decently in the week leading up to your session!

Unless you're about 15, you're just not going to look your best if you've been up half the night and are running on empty. So treat yourself well and make sure you show up looking and feeling the very best you can.

Putting your best face forward is pretty easy if you just have a think about all this in advance. You're making the time and money investment in this, so take the opportunity to get the best results you can.

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