3 simple ways to know your audience

Brand photographer on Portobello beach in Edinburgh Scotland

The shit that swims around on social media is hilarious. You ever get this kind of thing?

In my DMs this morning:

"Hey there!

This is [lazy-arse-marketer], representing [some tacky beach wear company], and I have something exciting to share with you!

Your profile has caught our eye, and we're absolutely captivated by your stunning style and beach vibes.

We believe that you would be a perfect fit for our bikini brand. We're reaching out to explore the possibility of a collaboration and create some incredible content together."

See the phone photo at the top of this post? I took it the other night whilst walking the dog on Portobello beach.

It shows the full extent of my "stunning style" and "beach vibes"

  • Winter coat in August
  • Windswept hair
  • Hot accessory du jour: dog lead round my neck
  • No make-up
  • Certainly no bikini (gawd, can you imagine - NO DON'T IMAGINE!!!)

I was never in the market for their clothing anyway, but that company is never going to have a second chance to make a first impression with me.

But at least they gave me a laugh!

Whether we're reaching out to fellow businesses or trying to connect with clients and customers, taking the time to understand them at least a bit is crucial.

Brand photography session in Edinburgh Scotland for business coach who is sitting in a cafe doing market research with her ideal client

So how DO you get to know your ideal client?

When I work with clients, I spend quite a bit of time making sure I have a good handle on who their ideal client is - after all, I'm creating business photographs for them which need to resonate with these people! 

However, not everybody is crystal clear on who their ideal client is, and that's fine. After all, it's something which can take quite a lot of work - and time! - to figure out. And then it changes and evolves as you and your business change and evolve. 

If you're a bit stuck on how to get clarity on this, here are some simple suggestions for you which should help: 


Examine the commonalities between those you've worked with so far

Start by spotting common threads among those you've already worked with and have really enjoyed having as clients.  

Look for the things they have in common, like the problems they have which you can help them with. What are their values, what matters to them, and what do they really want out of life? What drives them to book someone like you?

Do they tend to belong to a particular age or geographical demographic? 

By figuring out these shared traits and experiences, you'll have a clearer picture of your target audience and can tweak your approach to really connect with them. 


Ask questions!

As well as just picking things up in verbal chats with people you suspect might be a great fit for working, you could ask them to fill out a survey for you. Here's a survey form I used a couple of years ago, just as an example. It's a bit old and needs updated, but I'll do that when I next use it. 

It's like getting a wee peek into what makes these people tick, so  you can shape your service and/or marketing game plan in a way that really hits the mark, kickstarting a positive connection right from the start.


Track and analyse

What's working well for you in terms of what you're doing already?

Heaps of data is freely available to us all for our websites and our social media platforms, and it can provide insights into what content or services resonate most with your audience.

Keep doing this! Adjust your services and marketing strategies based on this constant loop of feedback so you're always on track of your ideal clients' evolving needs and desires.

After all. None of us wants OUR marketing messages to be described as "the shit that swims around on social media" - do we?

Edinburgh branding photographer


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