Prepare for your brand photoshoot – 5 top tips

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Prepare for your brand photoshoot!

Personal branding photography is an important investment and you need to prepare for your brand photoshoot properly to play your part in making sure that, between us, you and I create photos you're proud to share and that will appeal to your audience and ideal clients.

To help them know, like, and trust you, and ultimately book you or buy from you.

Here's what you need to do ...

1)  Complete your Brand Clarity workbook

Personal Branding Photogrpaher Edinburgh Prepare for your brand photoshoot

Complete my brand clarity workbook as fully as you can. (You get this when you book with me.)

This incredibly valuable exercise digs really deeply into who you are and what's unique about you, what your brand's all about, and what your key marketing messages are.

It details everything we're going to make your images say and is the blueprint for your brand photography.

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2) Create your mood board

Mood boards for personal branding photography are a really useful part of the process, so create one on Pinterest after you've completed the workbook.

Pinterest mood board - Prepare for your brand photoshoot

If you were at all woolly on various aspects of your brand previously, you'll have newfound clarity.

If you were pretty clear to start with, it'll still be incredibly useful having it all noted down in the same place.

The visuals you've put together on Pinterest will influence - though absolutely not replicate! - what your brand photographs ultimately look like.

3) Our planning meeting

The next step is our planning meeting. Using what you've captured in your brand clarity workbook and on your mood board, together we'll come up with a shot list.

You don't need to come up with this on your own, but it will help if you've already got some ideas that we can discuss.

4) The ideal location(s)

Once we know what you're going to be doing in the shots, we need to decide on a location. Or locations!

Personal branding photographer Edinburgh - Prepare for your brand photoshoot

My post on 6 ways to find the perfect location for your next brand photoshoot will definitely help you, so have a read!

Again, if you have any ideas before our planning meeting that will be really helpful.

5) Clothes and props

Finally, clothes and props. I give my clients a "What to Wear" guide to let them know what looks great and what doesn't in photographs generally, and at our planning meeting we'll already have gone through the use of colour and how it relates to your key marketing messages.

Headshot Photographer Edinburgh What to Wear Guide

We'll have decided what props you'll be photographed with to make sure your photos are telling people the right things.

But make sure you give yourself enough time before your shoot if you need to buy anything you need in this regard.

Remember it's a joint process

The big thing to remember here is that this is a joint process, you're not on your own - it's you and me working together to come up with fabulous brand visuals for you which you'll be proud to show off. And which will help you get more business and make more money.

My diary is getting busy so get in touch now so we can plan YOUR brand shoot!

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