Family portrait photography Edinburgh for discerning but busy families
Feb 25

Stop annoying your children with your camera – and do this instead

Use these tips to stop feeling guilty about pestering your children for photos and being disappointed that you just can’t seem to document their days effectively.

Instead, be your family’s memory-keeper who captures the golden (and mucky!) days of their childhoods and who makes it fun at the same time.

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Jan 29

Smartphone addiction is real

Two years ago, my poor overworked smartphone gave me an obscene gesture and yelled “nooooooo, gimme a rest!”.

Then it died.

Here’s how I fared, and why I’m scared of the slippery slope.

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Jan 26

When to stop photographing a child

When to stop photographing a child is not always apparent right away. Beware the signs of belligerance! Why I always stop photographing a client’s child if he’s really not in the mood. And why I sometimes push it a little with my own …!

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Jan 19

Family photo shoots in Edinburgh need superhero consultations!

Find out why I insist on pre-session consultations with my clients and why they love them so much! It’s an information exchange, and it’s something my clients really, really value. They get the measure of me and can really imagine what our session is going to be like, and they tell me this gives them so much more confidence on the day – they’ve met me, and they know what to expect. So they feel much more comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera and know I’m not scary. (Much!)

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Jan 08

I thought I could, so I did

This time last year, Donna Green Photography was just a notion. Oh I knew I loved taking photographs, had done for years, and I knew I often got some good ones, but I didn’t really know what to do with it all. Facing the fear whilst crapping it anyway took some doing, but I managed – here’s how!

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