35 images, one hour session

The ultimate "capsule collection" of business photographs! Includes headshots, business action shots, your office space, your team, and behind the scenes. 

Unlock the power of brand photography with this collection of high impact images which capture the essence of your business and help influence how potential clients perceive you.

The perfect "capsule collection"

Get a solid collection of essential business images to kickstart your branding efforts.

Establish a professional online presence, and attract your target audience right away.

A refresh or top-up

Just the thing for a quick top-up to your existing image library. Perhaps you've had your business photographed a while ago but you need a short, quick refresh? 

Something specific

Whether you have an upcoming event, project, or campaign, or maybe a new product or service, this will give you just the right amount of coverage.

What you get with the "Elevate" photography package


Flexible payment plans are available


  • Brand questionnaire
  • Pre-session planning meeting
  • What to wear and full prep guide


  • One location
  • Full direction and guidance on what to do


  • 35 fully finished images ready for download in an online gallery 
  • Commerical use licence

Is "Elevate" what you need?

This could be perfect for you if:

  • You’re time-conscious and would prefer the shorter duration of this photoshoot.
  • You have budget constraints which mean you’re not ready just yet for the comprehensive brand photography experience.  I do have flexible payment options available, so get in touch with me now if this is a concern. 
  • You’re still testing out your services and your market and aren’t completely clear yet on your ideal clients or customers.
  • You just want a small collection of images to get started with – you can flesh out your full story later.
  • You have specific requirements, eg specific projects or campaigns which require a smaller number of high-quality images – a larger package would exceed your needs. 
  • You’re new to professional branding photography and would like to test the waters and experiment with how you want to present your brand visually.
  • You need to be photographed at an event – perhaps you’re delivering training, for example – and don’t need more than an hour’s photography coverage.
  • You’re getting your website built or updated, and need to illustrate it with top-notch, strategically designed photographs which will connect with your ideal clients.
  • You want to start incorporating your own unique imagery into your content calendar.

Maybe not for you if:

  • You need more comprehensive coverage of your personality and your brand, making it necessary to incorporate more backdrops, locations, poses, activities, and outfits.
  • You need a broader range of visual assets to cover multiple aspects of your brand or if you need a variety of marketing campaigns photographed – a larger package with a higher number of images will provide more versatility and coverage.
  • You need to be photographed in multiple locations and settings to really show your business off properly.
  • You’d like more time for an unhurried photography  experience – you feel more time would allow for a more leisurely pace, allowing you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. 
  • You’d like the time and cost-efficiencies of “batching” more photographs all in one go, rather than having to book several of these small one hour photoshoots at different times.
  • You post frequently on social media therefore need a constant supply of fresh photographs of yourself – you don’t want to recycle the same images too often.