90 images, half day session

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A powerful tool to visually communicate your brand, establish an authentic connection with your audience, and stand out in your market, this 90 image collection goes beyond merely showing the services you offer and shows the real person behind the business  - and why people would want to work with YOU.

Comprehensive visual storytelling

Share your values, let your personality shine, show what you do and what you stand for, and truly connect with your ideal client.

Show multiple themes and let your ideal clients really see who you are and connect with you.

Set the stage with multiple locations

Using strategically picked locations, let's showcase your actual workspace, places of significance to your brand story, or an environment that resonates with your target audience.  

The right location sets the stage for your business photographs, enhancing the relatability and trustworthiness of your brand.

Loads of images for your website and social media 

Covering a variety of different themes which show you and your business as unique, this package gives you enough photographs to keep you going on social media for months.

It'll also give you everything you need for your website. 

What you get with the "Soar" photography package


Flexible payment plans are available


  • Brand blueprint workbook and visual exercise
  • Pre-session strategy and planning meeting
  • Bespoke detailed session plan for your sign off
  • What to wear and full prep guide


  • Multiple locations, perfect for showing the different facets of your brand
  • Full direction and guidance on what to do


  • 90 fully finished images ready for download in an online gallery 
  • Duplicate set(s) of images resized for social media
  • Post-session image implementation meeting
  • Content plan for your new images
  • Commerical use licence

Is "Soar" what you need?

This could be perfect for you if:

  • You need to attract the right people and connect with your ideal clients deeply by showing your  personality, values, and behind-the-scenes moments, creating a multi-dimensional representation of your brand.
  • You need comprehensive coverage of your personality and your brand, making it necessary to incorporate multiple backdrops, locations, poses, activities, and outfits.
  • The diverse range of images allows for versatility in marketing and content creation. You need a wealth of visuals which can be repurposed across multiple platforms, campaigns, and marketing channels.
  • You want to get a lot of photographs taken in one go.
  • You'd love a one-to-one session afterwards on how to get the most out of the photography you've invested in, so you'll know which images to use where - and how. 
  • You've got - or are creating - a website and want beautiful images to make you look proffessional, expert, current, and relevant to the people you want to work with.
  • You don't quite have the budget yet for the full day experience of my "Transcend" package - though don't let this stop you, as  I do have flexible payment options available. Just get in touch with me now if you think this might help. 

Maybe not for you if:

  • Your branding needs are specific and can be effectively met with a shorter session and a smaller image selection.
  • You have time constraints, and allocating a half day for your brand  photography would be challenging.
  • You might have budget constraints, and it's not quite the right time for you to make this investment.
  • You have very specific location needs and have to be at a certain place at a certain time, and it wouldn't take longer than an hour.
  • You haven't really nailed your business fundamentals yet: you haven't solidified your service yet and don't really know who's going to buy it.
  • You're about to start a complete brand overhaul and don't yet know what it will look like. 
  • You just need a headshot or two for next week.