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Jun 09

But where’s the mum?

Dads … Your phone’s got a camera on it, doesn’t it? Well you need to get photographing the mother of your children, the love of your life and all round superwoman who gives her all to hold it together for your family. Here’s why.

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May 11

MCP Actions Inspiration Lightroom presets – my tools of the trade!

I use software from an American company called “MCP Actions” and it helps me transform my work from the raw material which comes out of the camera to the images you see on my site today. Find out why photographers usually edit what comes of their cameras and see what MCP Actions’ “Inspiration” Lightroom presets can do!

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Feb 25

Stop annoying your children with your camera – and do this instead

Use these tips to stop feeling guilty about pestering your children for photos and being disappointed that you just can’t seem to document their days effectively.

Instead, be your family’s memory-keeper who captures the golden (and mucky!) days of their childhoods and who makes it fun at the same time.

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Jan 29

Smartphone addiction is real

Two years ago, my poor overworked smartphone gave me an obscene gesture and yelled “nooooooo, gimme a rest!”.

Then it died.

Here’s how I fared, and why I’m scared of the slippery slope.

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