Family portrait photography Edinburgh for discerning but busy families
Oct 02

Family portrait photography AND bagpiper photography?

Bagpipers photos in Edinburgh instead of my normal family portraiture was a bit different! Meet Glyn Morris of, Scotland’s premier piper. There were some interesting and completely unforeseen “issues” which occurred during this session!

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Jul 20

That moment you forgot you had another kid

You and your husband have sat down together, about to watch the telly, the one show you both like; the only one where you can sit side by side focusing on the same thing. A rare occasion. It couldn’t be that simple, though, could it?

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Jul 05

Killer tip for photographing your kids

I have got the best killer tip for photographing your kids! And it’s actually very, very easy.

(Well. Unless you’ve got bad knees, that is.)

And the best bit is, this’ll work with any camera whatsoever, including the most ancient old smartphones!

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Jun 28

Worried about your feral beasts? Don’t be.

Many parents despair of ever capturing good images of their active children, never mind great ones, but bring them to me, we’ll go somewhere outside where they can belt around and enjoy themselves, and watch the magic happen.

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Jun 09

But where’s the mum?

Dads … Your phone’s got a camera on it, doesn’t it? Well you need to get photographing the mother of your children, the love of your life and all round superwoman who gives her all to hold it together for your family. Here’s why.

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